Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. has been working in the carbohydrate field for over two decades and have applied our synthetic strategies to seemingly countless problems. We have enabled application of complex carbohydrate systems for drug discovery, drug delivery, drug targeting, carbohydrate-based vaccine development, immunotherapy, therapeutic enhancement and diagnostic/bio-analytical assay development.

Custom Synthesis

As an established global leader in carbohydrate synthesis, we strive to develop synthetic methods that are scalable, cost-effective and enabling.


We prepare a wide variety of custom glycopeptides and have years of experience in the glycopeptide field. We welcome your custom synthesis and will adapt our synthetic methodologies to accommodate your specific needs.


We synthesize a variety of custom di-, tri, tetra- or larger saccharide or glycosamino glycan (GAG) oligosaccharide and will utilize our synthetic expertise to accommodate the specific needs of our collaborative partners.

Modified Carbohydrates

We prepare a wide variety of special modified carbohydrates and carbohydrate intermediates.

Other Glycosystems

We specialize in multi-step custom synthesis and welcome any type of project in carbohydrate synthesis. Come to us with an idea and we’ll help make it happen. We are up to the challenge!

Early Stage Drug Development

Drug Targeting – GalNAc

Targeted drug delivery of therapeutic payloads using N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) conjugates that bind to Ashwell-Morell Receptors (asialoglycoprotein receptors or ASGPR) found in liver hepatocytes has become a leading delivery approach particularly for therapeutic oligonucleotides. We have been active in the field for many years via synthetic development of mono- and multimeric carbohydrate ligands, including GalNAc, for applications including drug targeting.

Vaccine Development – Polysaccharide Chemistry

Bacteria are highly glycosylated pathogens. Glycoconjugate vaccines have been proven to be a successful strategy to prevent infectious diseases with the global pneumococcal vaccine market estimated to be > $8 billion (USD) in 2021. As a CRO, we have been a significant contributor in a variety of glycoconjugate vaccine development projects including preclinical development of a polyvalent (23-serotype) vaccine that may become the world’s most sophisticated broad-range pneumococcal vaccine.

Cancer – Glycans

It is well established that abnormal glycosylation on tumour cells compared to healthy cells is a hallmark of cancer and common to all cancers. Moreover, specific glycans on cell surface proteins actively drive tumour development and progression. New frontiers in drug discovery & development are being realized thanks to discoveries being made in glycobiology. These are paving the way to new therapies centered around cell surface glycans. From development of immune checkpoint inhibitors to treatment vaccines to monoclonal antibodies, glycans will be prominent one way or another. For close to two decades, we have been the leading developer of cancer antigens in the form of oligosaccharides, glycoamino acids, glycopeptides and glycosylated ligands.

Carbohydrate-Protein (Lectin) Interaction

Cell surfaces are decorated with a dense and diverse array of carbohydrate structures (glycans) bound to proteins or lipids anchored in the cell membrane. Collectively, these may be referred to as the glycocalyx. Among a myriad of functions, specific glycan structures engage with complementary carbohydrate recognizing/binding proteins, lectins, to regulate cell physiology. There are many classes of lectins, free circulating or linked to cell surfaces, involved in numerous biological processes. Two of the more actively studied are sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-type lectins (Siglecs) and the β-galactoside binding lectins (Galectins). Several lectins, including asialoglycoprotein receptors (ASGPR), have been FDA-approved as viable for application to targeted drug delivery systems. Expanding knowledge in this area promises new opportunities for therapeutic intervention. With two decades of experience synthesizing a multitude of glycan systems, we are here to help advance discoveries and therapeutic applications in this field.

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC)

Monoclonal Antibody Development – Glycopeptides & Glycoconjugate Antigens

Therapeutic antibodies have become the predominant class of new drugs developed in recent years. Whether it is the antigen required to screen antibodies or to produce an antibody, we have the synthetic tools to produce carbohydrate antigens and their respective carrier protein conjugates. Antigens include but are not limited to glycans, glycopeptides and glycolipids.

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