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Category: Tris-GalNAc

Triantennary GalNAc-β-Alanine-PEG3-Biotin

The trivalent β-GalNAc Ligand is specific for Asialo Glycoprotein Receptors on hepatocyte cells. β-Alanine-PEG3 acts as linker/spacer between multivalent GalNAc and biotin.

Other Names: Tris-GalNAc-β-Ala-PEG3-Biotin; Tri-GalNAc-β-Ala-PEG3-Biotin; (β-GalNAc)3-sp-β-Ala-PEG3-Biotin; (β-D-GalNAc-sp)3-NHC(O)-(CH2)2-NHC(O)-PEG3-NH-Biotin; Triantennary β-D-GalNAc-β-Alanine-PEG3-Biotin

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